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AgSocio is an agricultural labor and service provider operating in California, Arizona, and Colorado. We help our clients comply and compete in the highly regulated and rapidly evolving agricultural labor market. 


We are building a more just, safe, professional, efficient and competitive agricultural work and employment system to benefit farmers, farmworkers, and the broader food industry.








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Professional Agricultural Labor Service



We provide qualified individuals or crews to perform agricultural work at client ranches. We arrive onsite each day equipped and prepared to pursue our work efficiently and professionally. Our crews, drivers, and forepersons are trained, employed, and supervised directly by AgSocio. We invest in technology and training to deliver better compliance, transparency, efficiency, and reporting. We work best on project- or season-length contracts so we can recruit and train a team to get the best results for each client over time.

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As a federally-registered and state-licensed farm labor contractor, we maintain permits to recruit, contract, employ, house, and transport agricultural workers in all our areas of operation. We employ both US residents and foreign nationals with temporary work authorization via H-2A guest worker visas. We specialize in crafting custom H-2A programs to help clients fill seasonal agricultural labor needs. 

  • Crews trained and equipped for the job 

  • Forepersons focused on client objectives / budget

  • Documented compliance with all regulations

  • Current permits, licenses, and insurance

  • Accurate and timely billing via digital timekeeping

  • Industry leading HR, compliance, safety, and training

  • Licensed employee transportation

  • GAP-compliant sanitation units

  • Detailed productivity reports customized by client 

Our agricultural labor service includes:

H2A programs


AgSocio partners with clients to design and manage custom guest worker programs to fill seasonal agricultural labor needs. We manage the entire process from program design (how many workers and when) to daily onsite work so farmers can focus on other key aspects of their business. We offer our clients ethical, transparent, and efficient access to the H-2A program.


All H-2A programs are built on seasonal contracts between AgSocio and the client.

  • Labor analysis and HR audit to determine needs

  • State / Fed gov't filing and compliance

  • Targeted recruitment of qualified workers

  • Consular appointments and visa processing

  • Pre-contract training and orientation at origin

  • Border crossing and international transportation

  • Best-in-class employee housing facilities

  • Serve as employer-of-record; manage payroll

  • Industry leading HR compliance, safety, & training

  • E-Verify compliance on all domestic support staff

  • Crew transportation to / from / between work sites

  • Onsite crew supervision customized to client needs

  • Replacement worker processing, as necessary

  • Detailed invoicing and productivity reporting


Our custom H-2A programs include:


Good recruiting is essential for success in the H-2A program. We are committed to direct, responsible recruitment and total transparency regarding contract terms and expectations. We partner with the innovative non-profit CIERTO for support with recruiting, pre-contract training, and logistics. 

Our H-2A recruiting best practices include:

Licensed Recruiting - AgSocio directly interviews and selects all recruits and we work exclusively with CIERTO to review, process, and transport selected team members. Our agreement with CIERTO is governed by a written contract. CIERTO does not utilize subcontractors and is licensed in the US and Mexico to recruit migrant agricultural workers.

Transparency and Training - Terms and conditions of the job being offered are disclosed to recruits in detail both verbally and in writing in a language the recruit can understand. All recruits participate in a paid, detailed pre-departure training to ensure they understand their rights and responsibilities and are prepared for the challenging and rewarding experience ahead. 

‘Employer Pays’ - We do not charge recruitment fees and contractually prohibit our employees and agents from doing so. Recruits are trained at each step of the process that they should never be asked to pay for any part of the recruitment or employment process. In addition, through CIERTO, AgSocio coordinates and pays for all recruiting-related expenses including transportation, government fees, lodging, and meals. This practice reduces risk of exploitation during travel, eliminates frequent unreimbursed expenses, and saves H-2A recruits from having to secure significant cash to finance their own recruitment and transportation expenses.

Ongoing Support – Our H-2A team members receive ongoing support from both CIERTO and AgSocio for the duration of their contract. CIERTO and/or an NGO community partner from the sending community remain independently in touch with AgSocio's H-2A team members during their contract. This additional oversight gives team members a forum to share concerns with trusted individuals that they may not feel comfortable sharing with their employer.


We believe that providing quality housing is critical to season-long productivity and employee loyalty. We manage three fully licensed and strategically located employee housing locations in the Salinas Valley.

AgSocio offers best-in-class employee housing that is beyond compliant with all state and federal requirements for H-2A housing. 

Our H-2A housing includes:

  • Comfortable sleeping / common areas

  • Well-equipped, shared kitchens 

  • Refrigerator, range, microwave in each unit

  • Wifi and TV in each unit with DirecTV in Spanish

  • Walkable to commercial areas

  • Onsite laundry

  • Outdoor space (balcony, patio, etc)

  • AgSocio housing staff support

H2A Recruitment
Employee Housing
HR Consulting



We provide Human Resources consulting to help clients ensure compliance with state and federal regulations and implement best practices. Maximize productivity, increase employee loyalty, satisfy customers, and minimize risk by ensuring your policies and procedures follow current best practices for agricultural labor.


​Consulting agreements are customized for each client’s needs.





HR Compliance and Best Practice

  • State / Fed Wage and Hour Compliance

  • I-9 Audits (and other employee records compliance such as HIPAA)

  • Employee Handbook

  • Job Descriptions

  • Employment Application

  • Interview Process

  • Reference Checks

  • Hiring Packet

  • Injury / Heat Illness Prevention Program (IIPP / HIPP)

  • Miscellaneous Forms

  • Orientation and Onboarding

  • Status and Classification of Employee
    (exempt, non-exempt, seasonal, etc

  • Disciplinary and Separation of Employment Process

  • Employee Communication Procedures

  • Benefit Review (Retirement, Health, Fringe)

  • Mandatory Postings (OSHA, DOL, DIR, etc.)


Consulting services include: 


COVID-19 Best Practice ConsultingMany employers are struggling to implement consistent policies to protect their workforce and comply with COVID-19 health orders and workplace guidance from local, state and federal authorities. AgSocio can help you assess your risk and develop a set of SOPs to stay safe and compliant.

  • Positive case response protocol

  • Employee communication and training templates

  • Equipment and vehicle sanitization protocol

  • Housing best practices and policies

  • Transportation best practices and policies

H-2A Housing ConsultingIf you are an employer considering using the H-2A program and you need support assessing or developing your housing plan, we may be able to help. Set your company and your workforce up for success. 

  • Evaluate housing locations for H-2A potential

  • Perform housing cost analyses / budgeting

  • Furnish and/or equip new housing locations

  • Support CA state licensing and inspections

  • Housing inspection and rules templates

  • Provide onsite management of client housing locations

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